When War is OK

Major Anup Joseph is one of my school mates and an Officer in the Indian Army. He received the Kirti Chakra, the second-highest peacetime gallantry award from the President in 2013 for killing three foreign militants in a daring operation in Kashmir. None of us in school had ever imagined that he would be in the Army one day and killing terrorists. But there you have it. If I remember correctly, we met one day after Mass in Church, when I was still in the seminary and he had come home on leave for a few days from the Army Training College. We were discussing how life was in the Army, when he turned around and asked me, “So what does the Church say on this? How many people am I allowed to kill per day on the battlefield?” It was a question more in jest and I was no expert on the Church’s teaching on these issues. But I told him without batting an eyelid “If they are shooting at you, you shoot back!” Continue reading