I’m 30 and still Single! No need to panic

One of the many roles that a priest takes on is that of a Matchmaker. It’s not something that we are trained for but then what are we trained for?! “All things to all people” #St Paul. I was approached once by a girl along with her mum. “Father, I want to get married but I can’t find a boy (Where are all the catholic boys anyway??) You are always with young people. Do you know any boy who is God-fearing, well-educated, with a good job, preferably no unmarried sisters…lol!…doesn’t smoke or drink, and who will love me and put me before himself?” I looked at her and her mom with a straight face, “Well, with that description, I guess I’m the only one available!” No wait, I’m already a priest 😉

Well, here are 10 pointers to all those who are seeking a spouse. Continue reading