Two Lenten Passion Poems

Lorraine Monteiro from Good Shepherd Church, Andheri West, has always had a talent with words. She is an avid poet and has penned many beautiful compositions. I would like to share two of them which are particularly relevant as we approach the Lenten season.


The way to Calvary on which walked my Lord
Was filled with such hardship and pain
A crown of thorns on his head was lain
Carrying a cross on his bruised back
Tread the road which was so steep.
Stumbling with each step he took
My heart with sorrow shook.

The crowds jeered and mocked at him
Beatings and insults adorned his way
His eyes were filled with agony
He bore it all for you and me.
The journey seems so long and painful
As he reached the mount of Calvary.

Nails in his hands and feet tore him apart
The spear finally pierced his heart
Out flowed blood and water like a river
The sight of it all makes me shiver.
Inspite of all the pain and sorrow
He forgave us for a brighter tomorrow.

Bowing his head he gave his life
Finally redeeming us from all sin
As darkness and fear covered the earth
Lightning and thunder gripped the place
What an awesome sight it was
For truly he was the Son of God.


My Friend and the Cross

What a symbol of suffering the cross became
My Lord died on it with such shame
Why did it happen so ?
Looking back I feel so low.

He was a man with majesty and splendour
Who always loved everyone so tender
Why then did he have to go thru so much pain
For a man who came into the world without stain.

The nails that pierced his hands and feet
Crown of thorns that lay on his head
Think of how much the Lord must have bled
The pain that etched on his face
Speaks but a thousand words.

As I sat in front of the cross today
A few words would like to say
There was a light that shone in his eyes
He called me with arms open wide
Suddenly felt all my troubles wash away
My Friend and the Cross with me will always stay.


Lorraine Monteiro

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