For Mom and For Dad

I’ve recently been introduced to two catholic websites specially designed for moms and dads. One for her and one for him. Though written largely for an American audience, parents from Mumbai and urban cities would find very valuable advice and resources for their own needs.

Catholic Mom originated when Lisa Hendey went online to look for help as a wife and mother. She was looking for help on how best to raise her two sons in the faith. These were early days when Google had just come into being and a google search didn’t yield much results. Lisa also didn’t have much knowledge on handling and using technology.

She didn’t find much help online and decided to start her own page that would “Celebrate Catholic Motherhood“. Today, her work has gone global with more than 100 contributors and visitors from more than 200 countries.

Her page offers loads of interesting material from articles on faith, motherhood, parenting, spirituality and even technology basics for women who want to use the internet more effectively. Clicking on just the ‘Family’ tab on the home page reveals a list of topics like careers, a space for singles, family finances, special needs parenting, time management and health.

Do check it out. You may find valuable help for your own journey through motherhood.

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Fathers for Good is an initiative by the Knights of Colombus for catholic dads but then any dad in general as well. As the website says “Whether you are a seasoned dad, a new dad, a dad to be, or a single guy wanting to know more about fatherhood, this Web site is for you.”

When it comes to family life, the woman’s role is always given pre-eminence. The woman is seen and perceived as the primary family builder and nurturer. However, this online resource seeks to rediscover the important role that fathers play in the family, as an equal partner in the marriage covenant. There are gifts and virtues that only a father can bring to the family. This is in keeping with the Christian teaching of seeing husband and wife as equal but complimentary members of the family project.

On the Fathers for Good website, men will find rich resources and articles on how to become a devoted dad and husband, parenting advice, balancing work and family, how to deal with common family challenges, testimonies of courageous dads, passing the faith to your children, and much more. There are also videos, podcasts and book recommendations.

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  1. Charleston Mendonca says:

    Thank You for sharing these valuable resources.

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