In Trump We Trust

I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago. And I loved every bit of it. Why would anyone want to abandon something that has got ‘Paris’ in it? But Trump has done exactly that – withdrawn the USA from the Paris accord on fighting climate change.

Trump-bashing is becoming a sort of legitimate occupation today. The media elite, democrats, environmentalists, you name it – are all against Trump and many earn their livelihood parasitizing off him. That way Trump has contributed to job creation. Hurray!!

I’m not in favour of abandoning a movement that is going to protect the earth and our future. Climate change may or may not be real but we all agree that our planet has to be protected for the future. Everyone agrees on that no matter which camp you’re in (except the Trump camp, that is). I’m not going to comment on Trump leaving the Paris accord. There’s thousands doing that at the moment. And I don’t want to add some more condiments into an already spicy broth.


I must confess though, I have always liked Trump for some reason. Well at least a part of him. During the election campaign, I would confidently tell my classmates that Trump would win. Nobody believed me. But he did. The one thing that I like about the man is that he doesn’t wear a mask. He says what’s on his mind. He does what he says. And he keeps his promises. A known devil is better than an unknown angel.

Look at the situation back home in India. After three years in power, the only thing that NaMo has succeeded in doing is stealing the food from my plate. He’s taken all the cows into the Ark and left all the other animals out to drown. Unemployment has risen, everything has gotten expensive (it’s cheaper to walk than to drive), society has become chaotic (vigilantism is the new mantra), minority places of worship are being attacked. The Finance  Minister of India in his Press Conference on the government completing three years in office, basically blamed his ‘no-show’ on the corrupt erstwhile Congress govt. and the slowing global economy. I wonder how much time he needs.

Well at least Trump’s supporters/vote bank know that Trump is fulfilling his promises. He’s an outlier and the establishment hates outliers. I love outliers. They turn the world upside down. The only way to empty a garbage bin is to turn it upside down. Jesus was an outlier. The system crucified him. But history will tell another story. Even for Trump. (Only an ignoramus will say here that the author is comparing Trump to Jesus.)

Manmohan Singh famously said that history would judge him differently. I tend to agree with him. Only time will tell which man helped improve our condition. Trump does what he says. At least he’s predictable. A large swathe of our leaders are not.


Trump is fighting for those who voted him to power – which is a significant part of the American population. He’s trying to get back their jobs. He’s fighting against the established media narrative that has brainwashed us into believing that the world is conveniently divided into good and bad people.

We have gotten used to seeing the world through filters. I feel sad when I see that the world and people have to be presented through filters in order to seem beautiful. Well, I like the world as it is. It’s beautiful and God made it that way. I like meeting people face-to-face; they are so much more beautiful in person. I like their real versions compared to their filtered online versions. No masks for me. (I wonder why all those young people have ‘jumping’ videos of themselves on instagram? Leaping for joy I guess.)

When I see one man being bashed up and foul-mouthed so much on every television network, I can’t help but feeling that the man must be doing something right to be attracting so much ire from the establishment. On the issue of the Paris accord and the other radical decisions that he’s making, only time will tell how everything plays out. The mask is off.

I may be considered an outlier myself for saying a few good things about the man that everyone despises. But the Lord also said that there’s good in everyone. Hate the sin, love the sinner. But if history is written by those who shape our news, then maybe history will also be filtered.


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  1. Pink07 says:

    I like Trump too. For one he is not fake. He shows on his face what’s on his mind. Look at the many jokes people make on his expressions. Shows that he is least bothered by it. He does what he believes to be right and good for his country. Not so sure about 2 faced politicians of India who will have a cow slaughterer condemned and killed but a rapist set free. And keep blaming the previous government for all their failures. Grow up people. Take responsibilities for your own deeds.


  2. Nisha says:

    Nice read, agree totally to the facts that politicians these days are not concerned about solving the real existing issues but spending time and energy on solving self created problems. Only patience is helping us to move on.


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